Birthday Wish Fund

Send the little ones smiles with a contribution to enable us to celebrate the children’s birthdays.

New Life Buddy

Be a NEW LIFE BUDDY by sending what you can spare each month or year.

Giving Tuesdays

Celebrate and support generosity and philanthropy worldwide by giving us any amount every Tuesday.

  1. General Needs List poster in Donate page-short term projects
  2. Donate towards our current needs across our homes

Donate a Love Hamper

Drop Love Hampers: You can donate food, cleaning, or nursing supplies anytime.

New Life Mum/Dad

Be a NEWLIFE MUM/DAD by sending a monthly financial or in-kind gift of KES 5000 and above.

Short Term Projects

  1. Sponsor a crib
  2. Sponsor a crib is a programme that supports the day-to-day needs of a child.