What We do

New Life Home Trust (NLHT) was founded in 1994 to provide a compassionate Christian response to the plight of abandoned babies, with priority given to those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. To date and through our 4 locations nationwide, Nairobi | Kisumu | Nakuru | Nyeri, we have rescued and cared for more than 2500 children since inception. 

 NLHT Rescues abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies within the age bracket of 0 – 6 months. With various challenges of limited or no medical background information of abandoned children, NLHT tries to fill the medical gaps created in such cases by paying prompt attention to the baby’s medical needs as early as at the rescue site where pre-admission medical assessment and intervention is initiated. It necessitates escalating some cases to specialised hospital care outside our homes in critical times. In such instances, medical care costs quickly rise, often wiping out our financial reserves as we do not yet have an allocated fund for medical treatment and emergencies.

Our Nairobi, Kisumu, and Nakuru homes are currently host to 21 children living with mild to severe mental and physical special needs conditions like Cerebral palsy, Autism, Microcephaly, and Hydrocephalus, among others. We also have eight children in wheelchairs, and of these, three are too heavy to be appropriately carried, necessitating the need for mechanical/automated assistance when moving them. All these children came to our homes as abandoned babies, and they have all grown under the care of the Trust. To ensure optimal care for these children, we have round-the-clock nursing care because some children cannot manage their basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) without support. You can pick photos from the Amani Special Needs unit folder. 

All four homes are equipped with well-certified, committed, and competent nurses and volunteer doctors, some of whom have consistently provided pro bono services for over 15 years. This approach has made it possible to ensure good health status. 

Our Vision Statement

New Life Home Trust (NLHT) seeks to provide a compassionate Christian response to the plight of abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies, with priority given to those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.

In partnership with the relevant Kenya Government Departments and other key stakeholders, NLHT seeks to identify such babies and bring them, where appropriate, into residential or community care programmes designed to cater for their holistic needs.


  • 1

    To RESCUE abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies

  • 2

    Give high standards of CARE to the children in our Homes (spiritual, emotional, educational, physical, medical and social);

  • 3

    PLACE the children into loving family situations (biological family reintegration, foster care or adoption).


Here at New Life Home Trust, we highly prize the following:

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    Caring with Compassion

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