About the Nairobi Home

NLHT– Kilimani has been in existence since 1994 to provide a compassionate Christian response to the plight of abandoned and other extremely vulnerable babies, with priority given to those who are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. We rescue children 0-6 months and can host 52 children.

These children are housed in four units:

Isolation and Special Care Unit:

These units host babies between 0 and 3 months. The babies here are very vulnerable due to their age; some of them are admitted with low birth weight, some of them might have medical issues, and so our medical team is keen to give an ‘extra eye’ in these units to make sure the necessary care is given.​​

The Baby Unit:

This unit has children between the ages of 4 – 6 months. The capacity for this unit is a maximum of 12 children at each given time. Weaning happens in this unit, so the caregivers have their hands full, introducing new tastes and foods to our young ones.

The Alice Hardy (Crawlers) Unit:

Babies in this unit are between 7 months – 1 year old, and it is here that most of them are learning to crawl, stand, and walk. It is an extremely busy unit, and for the caregivers to keep up, they must always be alert and extra careful.

The Roselyn Cottage (Toddlers) Unit:

We have children aged one year and above. Some of them are in the kindergarten bracket, and during this time that we have not been able to enrol them in a regular school, the caregivers have a planned schedule of activities to engage the children.

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