Kisumu Home

On Lake Victoria’s banks, Kisumu City is renowned for its centuries-old fishing industry. While the local fishermen are catching tilapia in Lake Victoria, our Kisumu team are busy rescuing abandoned babies in & beyond Kisumu.

Kisumu Home Staff

The Home was established in 2000 and can host 57 babies and children. Like the Nairobi home, it has dual registration, i.e. as a Charitable Children’s Institution and a Private Medical Centre. It is the Trust’s largest facility and includes the following central units:

  1. Pendo Unit: Pendo means love. This unit hosts babies and toddlers
  2. Amani Cottage: Amani means Peace. This unit hosts 13 children with mild to severe special needs conditions.

Kisumu Pendo Unit

The first of the children living with special needs were transferred to Kisumu in early 2008. This was the creation of the Amani Cottage unit. All these children first came to New Life as abandoned babies. When it was discovered that they had special needs, they were brought to the Kisumu-Pendo Unit. Once old enough, they were then moved into the Amani Cottage Unit. It currently hosts 13 children living with mild to severe special needs conditions like Cerebral palsy, Autism, Microcephaly, and Hydrocephalus, among others, while under our care. They all came to the home as abandoned babies and have all grown under the care of the Trust. To ensure optimal care for these children, we have round-the-clock nursing care because these children cannot manage even their basic Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) without support.

Physio and occupational therapies form part of their daily medical care. Most of them are on anticonvulsants to control their conditions. Suctioning is a routine procedure in this unit since most have difficulties swallowing due to underlying conditions.

Our children who need wheelchairs have severe weaknesses in parts of their bodies or muscles that pull them into awkward or deforming positions. We have eight children in wheelchairs, and of these, three are too heavy to be appropriately carried, necessitating the need for mechanical/automated assistance when moving them.

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