Brian Oluoch
Nairobi, Kenya

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
New Life was featured in one of our local dailies way back in November 2003. I saw this and, the following morning, I decided to go and pay them a courtesy visit. The reception I got was so touching – from the security guard, the caregivers, the administrators and, most of all, the children. Since then, I’ve dedicated time and voluntary service to the New Life home.

2. What made you decide to volunteer with New Life?
Being a volunteer is not just about holding the babies. We get to help in the laundry, in the kitchen, cleaning the playrooms, cleaning the bedrooms, feeding the children, taking them out for walks, and giving a hand wherever needed. My favourite part is teaching the toddlers a little English, because sometimes their pronunciation is so funny – and when you laugh, they laugh with you, and everyone has fun.

3. What are some memorable moments you have had as a volunteer with New Life?
Most of my memorable moments involve those times that I create a special bond with some of the children, such that, when I’m around, they really prefer spending time with me. I remember, over the years, holding some of the frail, newly admitted babies and watching them fall asleep peacefully in my arms.

newlifeAlso, having volunteered with New Life for over a decade, it’s been such a joy to see the children as they get older. Levi and Gerro are 2 boys adopted by Guy & Susanna Bastable, the Kilimani home administrators, and watching them grow up has been such a miracle. Eleven years ago, they were just little boys running around the compound playing soccer. Now they are young men ready to join the national soccer team.

4. What do you hope for New Life in the future?
Being around children is so amazing and getting to interact with them has been really meaningful for me. Every time I leave, I find myself looking forward to seeing them again, over and over. Being a part of New Life for so long, I’ve seen many children adopted and watched others go off to school; it is such a blessing.