Isabella Wekesa
Nairobi, Kenya

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
I first learnt about New Life by chance in September 2006 by Googling “Children’s Homes in Nairobi”.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as your beneficiary?
At the time, I was looking for “genuine” orphans or vulnerable children, in order to give a gift and sow a special seed during a particular prayer programme I was taking part in. It was during a time when I was giving thanks to God for the many beautiful things He had brought into my life, particularly a beautiful marriage and healthy children. So when I stumbled upon New Life on the internet and read about the children and the kind of

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life they had gone through before arriving at New Life, I knew I had to share my joy with them in whatever small way I could. Through the sharing I knew I would be giving thanks to God for being ever present in my own life.

3. Since becoming a supporter, how would you describe your relationship with New Life?
I would say New Life is more like my second family. There is a personal attachment to the children that I can’t really describe. I just know it feels fulfilling when a sick or abandoned child is brought in and, a couple of weeks later, they are doing well and fitting in with the other children. Every time I come to see the babies or bring something for them, the friendly staff and the happy little faces of the babies tells me that something right is going on here and that the kids are safe and well.

4. Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve through your partnership with New Life?
I wish that more supporters would join us so that the homes would have continuity and sustainability and be able to offer a bright future to the children. The knowledge that the kids are well taken care of, like a home away from home, is achievement enough for me.