From Our Adoptive Parents: Outside Kenya 

Although most of our babies are adopted into Kenyan families these days, not all of them are. So if you live outside Kenya, but would love to adopt a child from within Kenya, here are some of our international parents to tell their own adoption stories. We hope that you find them both informative & inspirational.


Bert and Gerjanne Joppe
The Netherlands
Adoptive Parents

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
We heard about New Life in 2009. We contacted an adoption agency in the Netherlands that works with Little Angels Network Society in Nairobi, Kenya, a partner organisation to New Life Home Trust.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as the place to adopt your child from?
After learning about New Life, we saw how well they cared for the children and showed them so much love! In addition, we liked the fact that the founders of New Life believe in God and tell the children about Him.

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3. When and where did you first meet your child, and how would you describe your relationship from that moment until now?
We first met our children in June 2010. We came to the New Life home in Nairobi and were sitting in the lobby when Roda, the Senior Social Worker, brought out our son and daughter. We became parents in a moment! That was the day we became a happy family.

4. How would you describe your relationship with New Life throughout the adoption process?
During the adoption process, we communicated often both with New Life and Little Angels Network Society. Additionally, both New Life’s nurse and social worker were very supportive. Any time we had a question, we would let them know and receive helpful feedback. Even now, whenever we visit New Life, we see familiar staff and have good conversations with them! We feel that New Life is truly invested in our family.