In Nakuru: Carmel House

Ever dreamt of making a life-transforming difference in someone else's life? Then look no further. If you're prepared to take a little time, once in a while, to hang out with, befriend & encourage one of our older girls, then you will achieve just that. Want to get started? Then head over to Carmel House.

1. When did Carmel House open, and how did that happen?
We opened our doors on 27th April 2013. Prior to that, there were two family homes, one in Nairobi and the other in Nakuru. But in early 2013, it was decided to bring all the older children together in Nakuru, and to separate the boys from the girls. The girls’ family home was called Carmel House. We held a small but memorable party for all the older children when the two family homes came together.

2. What is the specific work that Carmel House does? What ages are the children you care for?
We care for New Life’s older girls. All these girls first came to New Life as abandoned babies, but (for one reason or another) were not adopted. Therefore, as each girl approached her 3rd birthday, she was welcomed into one of New Life’s family homes. Since April 2013, all the older girls have been living together in Carmel House, Nakuru. Currently, the girls are aged between 6 years and 13 years.

3. What are 2 or 3 of the major milestones in the history of Carmel House so far?

  • Boarding School: we enrolled a number of the older girls in boarding schools, which they are enjoying.
  • Life Skills Training: we have been helping the girls to develop their gifts, talents, and practical skills.
  • Foster Care: we have been identifying good families who can offer short term foster care to the girls, so that they get some experience of living within a family.
  • Disclosure Programme: we are helping the girls understand the reasons why they are with New Life and not with their biological parents.

4. As you look to the future, what are your hopes and dreams for Carmel House?
We are looking for a smooth transition from childhood, through adolescence, into responsible and independent adult living. We pray that the girls will increasingly appreciate, even into adult life, the care given to them by New Life, despite not being with their biological families. Finally, we want to launch some income-generating activities to help support the home well into the future.