Geography and Climate

Madogo is a small town on the border of Tana River County and Garissa County. It is a hot, arid, and remote area. Tana River County is located in the former Coast Province. The county is dry and generally drought-stricken. Rainfall is erratic and flooding is a regular problem. The Tana River is a major water resource in the area.

People and Religion

The major ethnic groups are the Pokomo, many of whom are farmers, and the Orma and Wardey, who are predominantly nomadic. Most people live in grass huts, on less than a dollar a day and depending on food aid from the government but mostly from charitable organizations. The majority of the population is Islamic, with other religions like Christianity and traditional religions also being practiced. Conflicts have occurred between farmers and nomadic peoples over access to water. Farming and nomadic pastoralism are the main economic activities in Tana River County due to the dry conditions and erratic rainfall patterns experienced in the county.


Reverine forest, woodland, grassland, bush lands, lakes, open river channels, sand dunes, mangroves and coastal waters contribute to making Tana River County one of the most ecologically diverse habitats and a tourist attraction in the country.

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