Guy Bastable
Kilimani Baby Home, Nairobi
Joint Home Administrator & Partner Relations Manager

1. How did you come to work at New Life?
Susanna and I have known Clive and Mary, the founders of New Life, since the 1970s. So in 2003, when our daughter Lauren (18 at the time) wanted to spend 3 months of her gap year working with babies in Africa, we naturally directed her to New Life. While volunteering at the Nairobi home, Lauren met and fell in love with a 3 month old baby. One thing led to another and that baby is now one of our two adopted Kenyan sons, Levi and Gerro. In response to an invitation from New Life to come and help with the work in Kenya, we relocated from the UK to Nairobi in May 2010.

2. What’s your favourite part of working with New Life?
As the Partner Relations Manager, I love meeting people for the first time and telling them the story of New Life – and then inviting them to become part of it!

newlife3. What are some highlights from your time at New Life?
I have been delighted to see, year after year, more and more of our children adopted into Kenyan families. Local adoptions now account for the overwhelming majority of all our adoptions. Also, as a non-profit organisation wholly funded by donors, I have been excited to see the donations we receive from within Kenya – in cash, products, and services – growing every year. In 2010, local donations accounted for about 10% of our total donations, but have risen steadily and now account for around 25% of our total.

4. Looking forward, what is your biggest wish for New Life?
I want New Life to outlive – long outlive – its wonderful founders, and my very good friends, Clive and Mary. In the years to come, I would love to see New Life honour the foundation laid by Clive and Mary, by growing to ten times or more its current size and influence and by saving and transforming the lives of thousands more vulnerable children across Kenya and beyond. Looking forward, I long to see New Life thrive, just as the babies in its care thrive.