From Our Adoptive Parents: In Kenya 

What a difference a few years can make! In 1994, when we started, hardly any of our babies were adopted into Kenyan families. But now, nearly all of them are. And the number still keeps going up, year after year. We thank God for Kenyan parents, both married and single, willing to open wide their hearts and homes to these tiny tots.


Susan Shimba
Nairobi, Kenya
Adoptive Parent

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
To be honest, I can’t remember when I first heard about New Life, but it must have been years ago, because some of my friends adopted from New Life, and those kids are now teenagers.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as the place to adopt your child from?
One of my relatives was adopting from New Life and, since it was close to both my office and my home, I would accompany

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her there. I fell in love with the kids and started visiting regularly. I even used to spend my lunchtime there. In fact, I became such a regular that the children began to recognise me. Around the same time, my daughter Daphne also decided to do her community service at New Life. What surprised me most, back then, was how the girls disappeared like ‘hot cakes’, but not so the boys. Since we had been praying for all the kids to get good homes, it was easy for me to accept that God was calling me to be the answer to my own prayers – at least for 2 very special boys.

3. When and where did you first meet your child, and how would you describe your relationship from that moment until now?
My daughter Daphne is the one that first met both my boys. She fell IN LOVE with the first one and kept asking me to adopt him. She said that if she was old enough, she would adopt him herself. And when I finally met him, I could see why she couldn't stop talking about him. We bonded almost immediately and started supplying diapers and cream for him while waiting for the adoption approval to go through. This little boy LOVED us SO DEEPLY and always knew when it was visiting time. He started calling me ‘momma’ when he was still very young. Oh, how precious! When he could form sentences, he would say: ‘Mummy, I LOVE YOU VERY, VERY MUCH’. He would declare his love for me DAILY! Even when I was not at the home, he would tell the New Life caregivers that he LOVED his mommy VERY, VERY much! Now, whose heart wouldn't BURST at so much love? Sometimes, when I was running late getting to New Life, the staff would call to tell me that my baby was crying and looking out for me.

newlifeThe second child was a bit harder because, no sooner had I received affirmation from the Lord that he belonged to us, he was transferred to New Life in Kisumu, which specialises in caring for kids with special needs. This was just before his 1st birthday. What a BLOW! I cried so much the afternoon he left. I did manage to visit him twice in Kisumu and what amazed me was the way he turned his head when he heard my voice. WOW! For a child with challenges this meant SO MUCH to me. It made me do everything I could to HASTEN the process of getting him home. This son fell in love with his sister Daphne even more deeply than he did with his mom. Truth be told, he still LOVES her SO MUCH, even more than his mummy. Since those early years, he has made such REMARKABLE progress, surprising everyone. He is my TREASURE.

4. How would you describe your relationship with New Life throughout the adoption process?
While going through the adoption process for my two sons, I became a ‘regular’ at the New Life home. All the folk there were extremely friendly and caring. I built relationships with the caregivers and volunteers, friendships that have lasted to this day. One abiding memory is of the day I got word that I had been approved to adopt the second boy. As I walked through the New Life gates, I heard great shouts of joy, and I knew that I was not the only celebrating the fact that my cute son could finally go home with me. New Life is ADDICTIVE. It’s like home to me.