Little did she know, when she said 'Yes' to joining our Board in 2009 that, just 5 years later, she would be saying 'Yes' to an even bigger invitation: to come & help New Life write the next new chapter in its history.

Janet Mutinda
International Head Office, Nairobi
National Director

1. How did you come to work at New Life?
I’ve been on the board of New Life Home Trust for the past 5 years, but have been a friend of New Life for much longer. Several of my friends have adopted children from New Life and I’ve also been friends with Mary and Clive Beckenham for about 15 years. When the board started looking for a National Director as a key step in Mary and Clive’s transition, I was part of that process. I was helping the board look for someone to fill that role and had no idea that it would be me!

2. What’s your favourite part of working with New Life?
newlifeSince stepping into my new position, I am really enjoying getting to know people, because I am now on staff in a very different capacity. Before, I was less hands on because the board focuses on the big picture of the organisation. Now, I am in a season of discovery. I am learning to be more in touch with what brings us to the office, what makes New Life happen, and I am enjoying getting to know the staff and the babies much more personally. In addition, this transition means that I am spending time with Mary and Clive as they mentor me through this season of learning. Mary and Clive have done an exceptional job and, as they pass the baton, I am also beginning to dream anew for the ministry.

3. What are some highlights from your time at New Life?
A highlight for me has been learning from Mary and Clive. I remember asking God at one point: “Lord, give me a dream worth living for, worth dying for”. New Life is a standard bearer within Kenya and I am proud to be associated with our reputation for excellence, for our commitment not to compromise when it comes to the care of our babies. Watching a baby come in fighting for life and, two weeks later, seeing them smile is just life changing. Another notable highlight is seeing some of the children that were abandoned as babies, but rescued by New Life, now growing into teenagers.

newlife4. Looking forward, what is your biggest wish for New Life?
My biggest hope is that thousands more babies would find homes – find “new life” in its literal sense. In the future, I hope that God would give New Life wider reach, even beyond the walls of Kenya, just as the Scriptures say: “Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide” (Isaiah 54: 2).