Tony Denson

Dr. Tony Denson
England, UK

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
My wife Gerry and I first heard about New Life through Mary Beckenham’s sister, who became our next door neighbour after we moved homes in 2000.

2. What made you decide to volunteer with New Life?
Gerry and I first visited Kenya in April 2013. We were so impressed by the amazing work being done by New Life that we decided to throw ourselves behind it and to help in any way we could.

3. What has been your favourite thing about volunteering with New Life?
newlifeI’m torn between fixing computers and interacting with the children with special needs in the Kisumu home. My background is in IT, so I naturally get involved in helping out with the computer side of New Life. That seems to be a never ending task, as there are about 40 computers in total across all the homes and centres. But I am also a very practical sort of person who enjoys fixing things – and there never seems to be a shortage of things that need fixing in Africa!

4. What are some memorable moments you have had as a volunteer with New Life?
Two highlights – so far – have been (1) the opening of the new building for the children with special needs in Kisumu and (2) celebrating the Open Day in Nairobi