David Wright

David Wright
England, UK
New Life Home Trust UK CIO Chairperson

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
I first visited the New Life Home in Kisumu in 2011, with a group from my home church in Southampton. We were visiting Charlie and Bev Stockley from our church who, at that time, were volunteers with a particular responsibility for the special needs children. Subsequently, I was asked to become a trustee of New Life Home Trust UK CIO which raises funds for, and promotes, the vital work of New Life in Kenya

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as your beneficiary?
Having visited all of the New Life Homes in Kenya, and built relationships with those involved in the rescue work, I am committed to supporting the work in whatever way I can, to ensure that precious young lives in Kenya continue to be saved and given the opportunity of becoming part of a loving family or community.

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3. Since becoming a supporter, how would you describe your relationship with New Life?
My relationship with New Life as an organisation has been realised through personal contact with those involved, building relationships over time, and giving me a sense of belonging to the wider family. Feeding and playing with the babies, sharing meals with the staff, and meeting together with the teams, all make the ministry of New Life a reality in a way that transcends the amazing facts, figures, and images of rescued children

4. Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve through your partnership with New Life?
As chair of the board of New Life Home Trust UK CIO, I see my role as facilitating our mission to continue to support and promote the work of New Life generally, to work in partnership to see more children rescued in Kenya, and to ensure that love and hope flourish.