Angela Munyua
Vivo Energy Kenya Limited: Corporate Communications Manager
CSR Partner

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
I learned about New Life when I joined Vivo Energy Kenya in 2013 because it is one of the organizations that Vivo supports through product donations.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as your CSR Partner?
New Life was chosen as our partner for several reasons. The main reason is the uniqueness of the homes. They are not just children’s homes, but homes that take care of babies infected with (or affected by) the HIV-AIDS virus. New Life offers more than shelter. It also offers medical facilities, care, and support. Additionally, we chose New Life because it is an accountable institution and we are always kept up to date on the ways in which the homes utilize our support.

3. Since becoming partners, how would you describe your relationship with New Life?
Vivo Energy Kenya has a very good relationship with New Life throughout the country. Indeed, we celebrated our first anniversary at both the Nairobi and Kisumu homes in November 2013.

4. Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve through your partnership with New Life?
We hope to continue making life a little more comfortable for the babies who pass through New Life, by ensuring that the homes always have fuel for their baby rescue vehicles and that there is always enough cooking gas to feed all the hungry little ones.