In Nakuru: Hebron House

Nearly all our babies have left us before their 3rd birthday. You'll find them safe in the arms of a loving adoptive family. But what about those few 3-5 year olds who are not adopted (yet)? Well, when our little ones outgrow their baby homes, they 'graduate' to our toddler home in Nakuru. It has been custom-designed, from the ground up, with our toddlers & their growing needs in mind.

1. When did Hebron House open, and how did that happen?
We opened our doors on 7th November 2005. Our beautiful home and grounds, situated in a very pleasant residential, were donated to New Life, entirely free of charge, by an extremely generous sponsor. This was an answer to prayer, as New Life had been asking God to establish a baby rescue centre in each region of Kenya. The first two babies we cared for came to us from New Life in Kisumu. But a month later, we admitted our first Nakuru baby.

2. What is the specific work that Hebron House does? What ages are the children you care for?
We care for toddlers, both boys and girls, aged between 18 months and 5 years. All these little ones first came to New Life as abandoned babies, but have not yet been adopted. To help the children reach their educational and developmental milestones, we have a small pre-school on site.

3. What are 2 or 3 of the major milestones in the history of Hebron House so far?

  • Pre-School Programme: we employed a Montessori trained teacher to help the toddlers with their early learning and development; it has been a great success.
  • Adoptions: we have seen many toddlers join adoptive ‘forever’ families and this has been a great blessing to us.

4. As you look to the future, what are your hopes and dreams for Hebron House?
We want to see a truly vibrant home for all our toddlers. We would love to develop our facilities further for the children with a better playground, more outdoor toys, etc.