Kish Modha
President & Chair: Mondetta Charity Foundation
CSR Partner

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
I first heard about New Life from David Dobson, an American photographer, in 2004. David and I travelled to the New Life headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, and met with Mr. & Mrs. Clive Beckenham.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as your CSR Partner?
Visiting this facility, I was impressed by the dedication of the staff. Mondetta Charity Foundation (MCF), an organization that strives to reduce poverty and ease suffering in East Africa, was looking for an orphanage in Kenya to support -- I immediately knew that New Life was the one. By focusing on abandoned and orphaned newborns and children, New Life was reaching out to the most vulnerable sector of the population. As MCF recognizes the devastation HIV-AIDS has caused across this region, we were very appreciative of New Life’s emphasis on helping children living with this disease.

3. Since becoming partners, how would you describe your relationship with New Life?
It has been very rewarding to partner with New Life. I look forward to receiving the quarterly reports from this centre detailing the tangible differences that they are making in each child’s life. The progress and improvements seen in children’s health and behaviour continue to astound me. These reports are a testament to the work that New Life is doing, and a demonstration that food, medication, care and nourishment can completely alter a child’s life.

4. Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve through your partnership with New Life?
Looking to the future, I see this partnership continuing for many years to come. Together, we can strive to make a difference in the lives of these children, providing hope for the future of Kenya.