Dr. Kazuko Kumon
Child Doctor, Japan: Country Director (Kenya)
CSR Partner

1. How did you first come to hear about New Life?
In 2002, when I came to stay in Kenya, I met the family of my church pastor. They had adopted two babies from New Life. At the time, they were 5 and 6 years old, though they are now nearly 20 years old and have graduated from high school! I found that these two had received great care and love at New Life as well as in their new home.

2. What made you decide to choose New Life as your CSR Partner?
In 2007, one of my best friends in Japan lost her son and wanted to visit me in Kenya. Her son had passed away less than 2 months before and she brought with her some of his clothes and other belongings to donate. When I took her to New Life she was well received by Mary Beckenham, who consoled her with great love. She then spent 2 days volunteering at the New Life home.
Child Doctor Kenya is an NGO that serves children with health needs. When Child Doctor Kenya received the funding to support more children, we looked for reliable partners who would be accountable and able to spend the funds effectively, directly benefitting children who are really in need. I then remembered New Life and was quite confident, based on my previous personal experiences, that here was an organisation we could feel good about partnering with.

3. Since becoming partners, how would you describe your relationship with New Life?
We have had an excellent relationship with New Life. We’ve seen that the children we sponsor are receiving very good care in the home. We are also able to provide rehabilitation services, such as occupational therapy and physiotherapy, to children at the home. Many of the newly admitted babies at New Life are physically and mentally weak when they arrive. They are getting stronger, however, both through our rehabilitation services and through the care they are given in the home. We feel privileged to work with New Life, clearly seeing the results of our partnership in the lives of these children.

4. Looking forward, what do you hope to achieve through your partnership with New Life?
We have noticed that many babies in the New Life homes are in need of long-term care and support. We would like to obtain more sponsors through our sponsorship programme in order to help provide this for the children of New Life.