In Kisumu: Pendo House

While the local fishermen are catching tilapia in Lake Victoria, our Kisumu team are busy 'catching' abandoned babies in their city & beyond. Not only registered as a baby rescue centre, but also as a medical centre, we are doubly proud of them. And as you get to know more about them & the work that they do, we are sure you will be proud of them too.

caregivers1. When did the Pendo House open, and how did that happen?
New Life started its operations in Kisumu in December 2000, after Clive & Mary invited Prisca to join the team and begin to rescue babies in Kisumu.

2. What is the specific work that Pendo House does? What ages are the children you care for?
We rescue abandoned babies (newborn to 6 months old) and care for them until they are adopted. If they are not adopted and are approaching their 3rd birthday, then they outgrow our baby and toddler units, and are transferred to Hebron House in Nakuru. Because of the specialised work we do, we are registered as a medical centre as well as a children’s home.

3. What are 2 or 3 of the major milestones in the history of Pendo House so far?

  • Dec 2000: we opened the original Kisumu Baby Rescue Centre in part of a house belonging to a missionary, but not far from the present site.
  • October 2003: we purchased the existing site, with the help of a very generous donor, and the babies were moved into the bungalow on the site; soon after that, construction began on a custom-designed 2-storey building alongside the bungalow.
  • 2004: we opened the new 2-storey building, Pendo House.

4. As you look to the future, what are your hopes and dreams for Pendo House?
We want to see Pendo House continue to be a centre of excellence in the rescue and care of abandoned babies. We want to see all our children either reunited with their biological families (in the few cases where that is possible) or adopted into loving ‘forever’ families.